I can't imagine life without bedstead

Hasil gambar untuk king bedstead

Can you imagine in this world without a bed? 😐 yeah, I can't imagine life without bedstead, because every day i always sleep on the bed. i love my bed, because every night we always together 😁. did you know? the neolithic era, people slept only paved ground, then humans innovate using the base of the leaves and twids of trees, because they wanted avoiding the dirt and pest. history via wikipedia. wow. can you imagine? you sleep only paved on the ground? or base of the leaves?. but now, we no longer sleep on the ground or leaves. because people who created it had made a very comfortable bed like in this photo above.😎

now, you must be grateful. because you do not sleep on the ground and leaves again. but. there are also people in the world do not have a bed, maybe, they sleep on newspaper or on cardboard. i wish they could have a comfortable bed. Amen... and thanks for the creator of the bedstead, because they had made a very useful innovation for the world 😍, so people can have a good sleep. and do you know? there is the most expensive bed in the world, name "Baldacchino Supreme Bed" 

Baldacchino Supreme Bed is the result of the hand carved works of stuart hughes. the interior is decorated with 24 carat gold weighing more than 200 pounds. via liputan6.com. but i am very grateful to have a good bed in my bedroom with an affordable price. hahaha.....😁. ok, this is my story, i can't life without bedstead, always be grateful. God Bless You😁


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