note this morning

1. robot around the world, they can bring us to go to some place quickly . they will make our live worse if they figthing
2. i would like to see robot that can turn into a car and protect me

paragraph 1, line 9 until 11 .
paragraph 2, line 14 until 15 .
paragraph 3, line 33 until 34 .

1. C. robots in the home
2. A. robots will improve our lives in many ways

A. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.

going beyond the text
>airline pilot
no, because robots probably get some problem system

no, because human have different taste

no, because robots can't cek your health, surgical operation, and consultancy

>police officer
robots could not tired

no, because robots can't dance like human.

>store clerk
yes, because robots can help us and can calculate quickly

>taxi driver
yes, because robots can't lie us

no, because science does not come from inanimate objects


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