akeelah and the bee

1. who is your favorite character, and why you chose her/him?
my favorite character is Dr. larabee, why? because Dr. larabee thats makes akeelah great. And Dr. Larabee teaches akeelah a lot, and not just teaches akeelah, Dr. Larabee also considers akeelah like her daughter. Dr. Larabee also gets a trick to make daniel memorize the words, the trick is daniel memorize while jumping rope, this is funny right? But Akeelah uses this trick when spellin bee contest.

2. what is your favorite scene in the movie? and what has that scene taught you?
When akeelah deliberately answered the jury question, so dylan win the contest. But dylan does not accept the akeelah action. So they argue, and they agree to continue the spelling bee contest. And they won the contest.

3. mention at least 10 words with their definition from the movie?
effleurage = a light stroking movement used in massage
synecdoche =   a figure of speech by which a part is put for the whole
argillaceous= of, relating to, or containing clay or clay minerals
zarzuela = a usually comic Spanish operetta
craquelure= a cracking (as of varnish, color, or enamel) on a work of plastic art
ecdysis = the act of molting or shedding an outer cuticular layer
puerpera = a woman in childbirth or in the period immediately succeeding
palynological = a branch of science dealing with pollen and spores
pastiche = a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work 
pulchritude = physical comeliness


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