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ladies and gentlemen in this speech, I would like to inform the importance of healthy to your body, because now, Indonesia is facing a serious challenge in the form of double burden of disease. Changes in community lifestyles are suspected to be one cause of the shift in disease patterns (epidemiological transition) in the last 30 years. In the 1990s, the biggest causes of death and illness were infectious diseases such as Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), Tuberculosis (TB), and Diarrhea. But since 2010, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as Stroke, Heart, and Diabetes have a larger proportion in health care. This shift in the pattern of the disease results in a burden on state health financing. (information was accessed in Indonesia health ministry)

i will ask you a classic question. you can answer it directly or have some time to reflect it. are you healthy? to answer this question, maybe some of us will remain silent and think about it. now, i will change the question. are you already having a healthy lifestyle? i will explain to you why we need starting a health lifestyle.

we love something instantly. because aour time is very precious. is it right? yes. but, we can't apply in many aspects in our life. it will lead us to bad habit. burger, french fries, chips, sausages, hot dogs, are example of junk food. i know it's is very delisious. if you eat junk food regularly, they become fat in your body, it will rise our weight significanly. then, what about your laziness? spend so much time in one spot, and doing nothing. A sedentary lifestyle is trend that we consciously do it. what will we gain by doing this?

in fact, you will have chronic diseases, like hypertension, diabetes melitus, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, etc. also lead you to sudden death, so what are the causes? because there are so much fat storage in our body, and we become overweight.

is it what really wants? for me, no. i want to archieve a healthy body, creating more enjoyable life. how to achieve it? by breaking the connection between bad habit in eating junk food and sedentary lifestyle with exercise regularly

by doing exercise regurlarly, we can achieve a healthy body, a positive mindset, and a productive day. my inspiration is bobby ida. he is a gym addict who loves doing exercise regulary. what did he gain? he gain a muscular body, positive and productive mindset. he is very inspirational to me, you can check him in his youtube channel "2Nine Fit Indonesia"

what i did gain in university life? i gained 9 kilograms during university life. i used to have a healthy lifestyle in senior high school. i had 2 hours for exercise in my school, 2 hours with extracurricular activities like Paskibra. but now, i have difficulty to have my ideal weight, and muscular body. but now, i follow the routine (like doing cardio and weight-lifting routine for chest and shoulders) that i made for exercising. but i really want it. if boby ida can do it, so do i. now, i have loosed 2kg in 1 mounth and gain muscular body in upper extremity.

so, i encourage you, let's change our perspective together. cut the bad habit, in eating junk food, alcohol, stop smoking. be active and productive human. because a busy person isn't productive one, sometimes they forget about theirself and ignore tehir surrounding. we can have a better and healthier version of us. you will be late until you have disease. so what is your choice?


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