my future business

i think the ideal things to live the future by doing business. because it's already planned. everyone has different ideal futures, become a cop, a doctor, a teacher, a lecturer, an employee, etc. I used to have the ideals of being a cop, but why I did not become a cop. About this I've told the previous post entitled "HELLO". Curious ....? You can read it, hehehe
Because my hobby is sport, I have a desire to make futsal field lease (rental) place, maybe, our plans can change in future, maybe I will have a football stadium, or I will be able have a football club, who knows?  hehehe πŸ˜€.
Talking about sports, people often forget about how important to do exercise, although everone knows, by doing an exercise regularly, we can achieve a healthy body. like we know, there are many reasons, why people ignore doing exercise? people now days are very busy raising their life, earning money, so they forget about their health.
by leading my own business in futlsal field rental place, i hope i can give everone a change for increasing their quality in healthy body.
then i can give a good oppurtunity for people who need jobs, they can work with me and become my employees. i hope someday, i can be a good enterpreneur.
what's the point if you are sick? an sedentary lifestyle will lead any chronic diseases, like hypertension, diabetes melitus, heart attack, and etc. let's do exercise in my futsal field rental place😁. don't forget to eat healhily. we can create good habit together.

So this is my future business, what about you?
God Bless πŸ˜€


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