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Barbershop is my life
Name : Cah

D: Since when did you start your career as a barberman?

Cah: I started my career as a barberman since 2014, I still don't know anything, what is this cut? What model is this? That's what makes me wonder. Because I taught myself without guidance. Because of technological advancement, i can learn from youtube, i study ATM, what is ATM? A = Amati, T = teliti, M = modifikasi, so I try to explore myself and finally being like this now.

D: Why are you interested in being a barberman?

Cah: I really like the world of art, in this barber world I feel taht art has no limit, such as mastering 4 element of avatar hehe. just kidding. So I am interested to push myself to be as creative as possible, All thanks to God that he knows what I should do. And I already know my passion, I am happy and very fond of my profession. Barbershop is my life and everthing to me

D: What services do you provide?

Cah: The best service for sure. Every customer I serve, I always ask what kind of activities my clients are doing, so I can adjust what hairstyle is suitable for the activities they do. We know that barbershop definitely gives more satisfaction to its customers, because barbershop provides a myriad of satisfying services, whether from it's service, or it's convenience.

D: last question, what's your favorite cut?

Cah: I prefer to "hairdesign", "hairpotret", "texture", same "gradation" as "quiff", "messy", "same fade"

D: Okay bro, thanks for the time, God Bless 😁


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